Get Grad Schooled was formed in 2021 with one goal in mind: to make applying to graduate programs more accessible. When I had to apply to grad school, it was a hot mess. I had to sort through pages upon pages of links and faculty profiles to try to figure out if schools were a good fit. Not only that, but I also had no idea if I could even get in. I wasn't even sure if all my effort was worth it. I spent months painstakingly searching through university websites in a blind panic. What should I have looked for? What should I have prioritized in my searches? And most importantly, was there an easier way to do this? After getting admitted to my dream program (definitely by some miracle), I started talking with other graduate students about the process. Everyone had the same experience that I did - there was not a lot of direction or guidance on how to look at programs, nor was the process efficient by any means. And so, I set out with the idea to create an online resource which developed into Get Grad Schooled as you see it today. I wanted to create an easy to navigate system where you could look at multiple schools at the same time. I wanted to create a resource where you could automatically select different features, such as location and tuition (because let's be honest, graduate programs are EXPENSIVE!). Not only that, I wanted to create a guide to help individuals navigate applying to grad school with tips and tricks that I (and many others) had to learn on my own. I also wanted to create downloadable resources to help guide people through the process, as well as a mailing list to remind people of when they should be doing things, from the beginning process of searching for schools to taking standardized tests, to finally applying to schools. All of this has been accomplished through GGS, and I hope you are able to find it helpful and informative. I hope, overwhelmingly, that this resource provides a more accessible and efficient way to look at and apply to graduate programs so that you do not experience the same stresses and challenges that I and many others faced during this process.

Created by Liz Stippell, 2021


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